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Did you know staging your home can help you sell for more?

Did you know staging your home before you put it up for sale can help you earn between 1-5% more for your home, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors.

Did you know that staging your home can help your home sell faster? Yes, I know homes are currently selling pretty quickly but the sellers that take the time to follow my budget staging tips are reaping the rewards of a fast sale as well as more money.

Did you know that Jennifer Herron Underwood is a certifired home stager? Back in 2010 when the real estate market was struggling I felt I needed to find ways to help my home sellers stand out and get as much as they could for their home in a down market so I earned my staging designation.

Jen's Low Budget Staging Tips

1. Start with the living room.

  • Clean, declutter, and depersonalize are the most frequent terms you will hear me discuss when it is time to stage your home. That means get rid of the excess stuff including your personal photos.

  • Arrange the furniture so that it focuses on focal points like pictue windows and fireplaces. Remember less is more.

  • Hang your curtains as high as possible to make the room feel larger.

2. Focus on the primary bedroom.

  • Clean, declutter, depersonalize.

  • Consider neutral bedding. Think white bedding and beige curtains.

  • Arrange your bed as far fron the door as possible to make the room feel larger.

  • Focus on making your bed look like it is in a luxury hotel. Fluffy pillows for example. If you don't have them go to Homegoods or TJ Maxx. The nice thing is you can take your luxurious new bedding with you to your new place.

3. Don't forget the kitchen.

  • Clean, declutter, depersoanlize.

  • Clear your counters. Clear the tops of refrigerators.

  • Set the table with table settings.

  • Add fresh flowers to your table or island.

4. Bathrooms matter.

  • I always tell my clients to look at the inside of the showers at the house they are looking at. If the shower is grimy and people see it every day and don't clean it, imagine the things they don't see everyday that aren't maintained. Bathrooms are important.

  • Clear the counters.

  • Consider a white shower curtain and white towels.

  • Put out a fresh rug.

  • Wash the mirrors. Put away the tooth brushes. Shine and clean the faucet.

  • Clean the shower or tub. Make sure the caulk looks fresh and clean.

Are you thinking about selling and would like a staging consultation? I would be happy to help you stage your home before putting it on the market. In fact, it is included as part of the extra services I provide my clients. I'd love to chat. Feel free to give me a call.



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