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4 Home Maintenance Resolutions for 2024

The new year is finally here! Many people take these first few weeks to make resolutions towards fitness, diet or work goals - but have you taken any time to consider ways you can improve your home life?

Do you find yourself constantly unable to find your keys in the morning among the rest of the clutter in your home? Or perhaps your laundry situation is out of control and you are tired of looking at that pile in the corner of your room. Even for those who take pride in being well organized, there is bound to be some sort of small change in habit you can make that will significantly improve your home (or at the very least settle that nagging pet peeve in the back of your mind).

If you need help thinking of some home resolutions you'd like to implement this year, take a look at the list below for a little inspiration!


If you find yourself constantly disorganized in your home and unable to find things, it's probably because you've accumulated too many items. Kick off the year by clearing out any closets, drawers, or rooms that you have grown too cluttered and throw away or donate items you no longer need.

Clean Surfaces

If tackling a closet or "that" room in your house seems like too much to start off with, try cleaning just the main surfaces of your home where you need space (ex: coffee tables, nightstands, desks, kitchen counters, etc). Once you've cleaned off the surface, make sure any items you are putting back truly serve a purpose there or would be better stored somewhere else.

Create A System For Doing Laundry

Tired of having laundry perpetually piled up on some chair in the corner of your room? (We've all been there). Setting a specific day or time each week for tackling the laundry, buying new hampers for each family member to keep in their room, and making sure your laundry room is stocked up on all the necessary supplies is a great place to start.

Separate Trash

Do your home and the planet a favor by making this the year you finally start separating the recyclables and compost from your other trash.

What changes will you be making this year?



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