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The Perfect Picnic Checklist

July is the perfect month to get outdoors and have a picnic. There are so many possible

spots to enjoy a picnic this summer, such as the Cleveland or Lorain Metroparks. The

Rocky River Reservation is one of my favorite spots. I like to take the kids down by the

river and sit on the bank. In Lorain County the kids love to visit the New Russia Township

Park & Nature Preserve. A couple other favorite spots we have are Hickley Lake and

Huntington Beach.

I am always in awe of those moms who pack the perfect picnic lunch and have exactly

everything they need. Luckily, those moms introduced me to pinterest, where I could find

the "perfect family picnic" checklist. I hope you enjoy. I also would love for you to share

your ideas and comments on my facebook page:

  • Picnic basket or bag

  • Blanket

  • Disposable table cloth

  • Plates & utensils

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Food- mini sandwiches. Try using cream cheese instead of mayo, it will hold up better.

  • Fresh vegetables, ranch, fruit salad or fresh fruit.

  • Drinks including water bottles

  • Tray

  • Paper towels

  • Wet wipes



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