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Protect yourself against title fraud

Protect yourself against title fraud

Home title fraud or deed fraud is a crime when someone fraudulently replaces your name on the title to your property with theirs. Home title fraud is becoming more common as information becomes more available about people online. There are three types of property owners and properties that are at a higher risk then a home with a mortgage still on it. These types of properties or property owners that are more vulnerable are properties that are vacant and not monitored, properties that are paid for, and elderly property owners that don’t know how to monitor their property title because monitoring is too difficult for them.

Lorain, Medina, and Cuyahoga counties all provide a free fraud alert service. There are companies out there that will try to charge you over $300 a year for this free service through your county. Below you will find links to each county and directions for Lorain because honestly it is a little bit more cumbersome to create the alert. Please share this with your loved ones especially if they are not that computer savvy. I am also happy to help you set up an alert if needed.

Steps to set up your free Lorain county fraud monitoring account:

  1. Go to:


  3. Click on property alert

  4. To set up an account click on register here

  5.  Enter information

  6. Add email and create password. Choose if you would like text message select provider and enter cell phone number

  7. Write down password

  8. Go to your email and check for activation link

  9. Click on activation link & sign into your account

  10. Create your notifications



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