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Start Your New Year with Downsizing & Decluttering

If your 2022 New Year’s Resolution includes moving, downsizing or decluttering, then this is a quick read just for you! Whether you are moving or not, cutting down on clutter can be important not only for the appearance of your home but also for your mental health. Clutter has a way of making life more stressful so by clearing out the clutter you are also making your living space more relaxing.

Here are 3 easy steps to make decluttering more manageable:

1. Start small & choose one area at a time. If you attempt to organize your home in one day you will feel overwhelmed and defeated. Choose one area to focus on. For example, start with a small space and work in one room at a time until it is completed.

2. Phone a friend to help declutter. Do you have a hard time deciding what should stay and what should go? Invite a friend who can be objective and honest with you. End your afternoon with a lunch or a charity drop off.

3. Touch each item once. Create 3 piles and as you touch each item find it a home in either the keep, toss, or donate pile.

Many people will ask me what they can do with the items they would like to donate. There are a number of charitable organizations that will take your items. A couple of local places are Vietnam Veterans ( , the Salvation Army ( , & Habitat for Humanity ( Vietnam Veterans will often still pick items up if you are in their service area. You can schedule a pick up right on their


Finally, if you are thinking about downsizing in the next 6-12 months you are invited to attend Downsizing 101 on February 12 at 11 a.m. This one hour seminar will take place at the Grafton Midview Public Library located at 983 Main St. Grafton, Oh. Call Jennifer @ 440-371-2862 to reserve your seat today!



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